The increasing labor cost and un-predictable supply in China has forced several companies, to look for new alternatives. Many purchasing departments and executives have realized that is one of these high-quality alternatives. Our clients do not look for an alternative that is only cheaper, but also reliable, provide a higher-quality and the potential for a long-term supplier relationship.

Through the strong commitment of the BDG team, we were able to shift a significant part of our purchasing activities from China to Vietnam. Thus, we were able to achieve double-digit cost saving rate, reduce our dependence on existing suppliers in China, and build up a long-term beneficial cooperation with our new suppliers.

Bernd Spiel - Managing Director, Lohrengel GmbH

Our clients in Vietnam are small an mid-sized companies, looking for a new or better sourcing alternative. Our Vietnam Sourcing consulting team works closely with your purchasing team to analyse your product-/ material-portfolio in order to identify the highest potential for sourcing in Vietnam.

Based on a tailored and detailed supplier profile, our merchandizing team evaluates suppliers from our database and local contacts, follows-up with on-site visits and management interviews, requests for quotations and samples and negotiates in your interest. As we align our incentives with your goals, you can be sure, that we are in this together.

To secure and stabilize your supply and a long-term supplier relationship, our merchandize team supports you within our "purchasing office" with on-going export support like order placement, custom clearance and quality control.

What are the challenges for you to face
Strategic Sourcing in Vietnam
  • Which areas provides the highest sourcing opportunities in Vietnam currently?
  • What are the specific cost and quality potentials for us in Vietnam?
  • What are Vietnam advantages comparing to China and other markets?
  • How can we build a sustainable alternative with Vietnamese suppliers?
  • Which of our product / material groups present in Vietnam high cost savings for us?
  • Which Vietnam suppliers and products  can be meaningfully integrated into our existing product portfolio?
  • Which parts of the value chain can be shifted in the sense of a make-or-buy strategy for ASEAN?

Suppliers in Vietnam
  • Who are the right local suppliers in Vietnam for us?
  • How can we develop a strategic supplier partnership in Vietnam to ensure product innovation, quality standard and supplier loyalty in the long term?
  • What potentials can we realize with our Vietnam partners?
  • How do we achieve a sustainable and competitive offer with products from Vietnam?
  • How can we identify and eliminate unnecessary cost drivers?

Purchasing Office in Vietnam
  • How can we secure our purchasing position with an own team and a purchasing office in Vietnam?
  • How do we ensure quality and punctuality of production timeline?
  • How can we realize on-time and fix any shortage appropriately in Vietnam?
  • What gives us the necessary presence in the Vietnamese market?
  • How can we find, train and maintain the right employees to support the purchasing process with our Vietnamese suppliers?
How we can help you?

The ability to understand clients' needs and analyze their market potential is a part of the core-competency of our Vietnam sourcing consultants. Together with you, we create a clear understanding which goals, our sourcing team is driving for.

Strategic Sourcing in Vietnam
  • Potential Analysis – The identification of the product- and material groups with the highest potential are crucial for the realization. Only in this way cost saving potentials can be uncovered and specifically implemented.
  • Systematic country study and recommendation
  • Market overview and product studies
  • Integrated procurement strategy

Suppliers in Vietnam
  • Supplier Management – The selection of the best suppliers, the securing of supplier partnerships and the moderation of development processes provide the basis for a successful long-term procurement market in Asia.
  • Systematical supplier search and selection
  • Factory testing and capacity capture
  • Analysis and negotiation of existing offers
  • Improvement of production- and supply chain

Purchasing Office in Vietnam
  • Vietnam purchasing office – To be able to respond to local market conditions foreign companies have to accept the challenges on the ground and flexibly solve those. With the right employees and the local network, supplier partnerships can be strengthened and product innovations can be implemented.
  • Logistics - and quality backup concepts – In cooperation with our customers we develop backup concepts which operatively support the supplier management and provide the right products at the right time to agreed quality. 
  • Offer negotiation and order tracking
  • Quality control and -assurance
  • Production-monitoring and -improvement
  • Purchasing office and human resources solutions