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For many companies sourcing in Asia is of crucial strategic importance. To ensure a smooth export process maintaining high quality at low costs is for some firms a question of life or death. If as an expansion or replacement for China Exports, Vietnam and the other ASEAN nations play a key role in Sourcing in Asia.

  • Industrial Investment Goods –Metals, injection-molded plastics, machine components, tools: “made in Vietnam”
  • Consumer Goods – Furniture, household appliances, cutlery, toys and drills
  • Electronics & IT – Global-Players produce in Vietnam: Intel, Bosch, Hewlett-Packard, Foxconn, Samsung
  • Textiles, Shoes, Bags – Vietnam’s traditional industry offers a broad value chain and high quality

The number of Vietnamese suppliers multiplied five-fold over the last years. To find the right suppliers, ensure quality and have long-term success is no longer up to chance.


Our Export Team usually achieves 15 to 30 percent in savings for our customers!However you need to think about more than just costs. Key is the balancing of client specific needs with the demands of the Vietnamese market. It is important to find cost and quality potentials and to shape the sourcing strategy according to them. Furthermore the search for reliable suppliers as well as decisions regarding the type of local presence demand a certain know-how of the Vietnamese market.

The BDG Team gladly supports you in defining a strategy and designing sourcing processes that will allow you to realize the highest possible potential for your company. We work locally on building stable supplier relationships, high delivery reliability and effective communication to ensure a smooth export process. During the entire process, our sourcing experts in Vietnam pay great attention to your needs and goals.


Depending on your products our team develops different purchase-modules.

According to your wishes our Sourcing Team conducts a market analysis and searches for suitable manufacturers and suppliers. In the next stage our Operations Team ensures that the product quality as well as the entire export procedure is up to standard. Our services range from “Basic Supplier Check” or a systematic supplier analysis to a fully integrated purchasing office in Vietnam.
We act, where we see value for our clients.


Your Questions about Sourcing in Vietnam

Strategic Sourcing

  • What are Vietnam's advantages in comparison to China and other markets?
  • Which of our product / material groups present high cost savings for us in Vietnam?
  • Which parts of the value chain can be shifted in the sense of a make-or-buy strategy for ASEAN?


Suppliers in Vietnam

  • How can we develop a long-term strategic supplier partnership in Vietnam that ensures product innovation, a high quality standard and supplier loyalty?

  • What potentials can we realize with our Vietnamese partners?

  • How can we identify and eliminate unnecessary cost drivers?

Purchasing Office

  • What gives us the necessary presence in the Vietnamese market?
  • How do we ensure the quality and timeliness of our production?
  • How do we notice and handle production bottlenecks in time?
  • How can we find, train and maintain the right employees?

Contact Us for further questions. We provide you with the answers.


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