You want to sell your products and services in Vietnam?Market Analysis, Pricing, Distribution Channels, Lead-Generation,
Sales-Agents and much more…BDG.


You are looking for new retail markets for your products? You think your machines, equipment and services are needed in Vietnam? You already have business in Asia but are unhappy with the results? - Vietnam is a very young and modern country. The young population of 90 million people needs products "Made by the West"Act now and seek information about your retail options in Vietnam.

By developing smart and pragmatic solutions BDG helped us to understand the market and thus allowed us to satisfy the Vietnamese customers’ needs in regards to household appliances.

Business Director Strategic Planning


Assessing market potential. Understanding competitors. Anticipating trends. Our aim is to turn all these visions into hands-on results. Let them be Guerrilla Tactics, Viral Marketing, Joint Ventures or a structured sales approach - in Vietnam, we face a number of important challenges and questions.

To be able to make a rational decision about whether to enter the Vietnamese market a market analysis is needed. The product potential, the needs of local customers as well as competitors and other factors need to be analyzed to estimate the probability of a successful market entry.

The Vietnamese Market offers a range of sales opportunities, however success doesn´t come uninvited. To be able to seize the opportunities detailed planning and a clear definition of goals is crucial.

BDG supports you in finding the perfect measures to realize your full potential in one of the most interesting markets in Asia.


BDG VIETNAM supports SMEs and multinational companies in developing successful distribution strategies and networks in Vietnam. Our Market Entry consultant team draws on 7 years of experience from over 50 distribution projects in Vietnam. Our clients come from a variety of sectors, selling both industrial and consumer goods. 

Our services range from a quick "Check-The- Market” assignment" to a comprehensive distribution program focusing on building long-term cooperations with appropriate distribution partners in Vietnam.


Your Questions about Distribution in Vietnam

Understanding clients & markets in Vietnam

  • Which customer segments are relevant to us? What needs do Vietnamese customers have?
  • How are our competitors positioned in the market / region?
  • Which distribution partners and distribution channels are there and which are relevant to us?


Planning Go-To Market Strategies

  • How can we position and differentiate ourselves from the competition?
  • How can a change in our marketing approach help reduce costs without damaging the core strategy?
  • How can we build up the industry's best skills (processes, experts and infrastructure) that are necessary to implement an effective market entry strategy?


Realizing distribution & organization in Vietnam

  • How do we create a sales approach that allows us to react in a timely and flexible way to changes in the market and in competition?
  • How can we build the best team and the best processes that are necessary to implement effective sales?
  • How can we earn more from existing customers? How to gain more new customers?


You are interested in a market entry in Vietnam? – We can help you.

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