Schoeller Bleckmann
Oilfield Equipment Vietnam

Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment AG (SBO) is the global market leader in high-tech components for the oilfield service industry. Business focus is on high-precision drillstring components for directional drilling made of non-magnetic steel.

SBO Group and its top-management team were supported by BDG in investigating Vietnam as potential location and subsequently helped setting up the state-of the art high-tech production facility.

Providing a foundation for
your decision based on facts

Teaming up with the top-management of SBO Group, BDG created macro-economical studies and the assessment of Vietnam as a production location versus China and India. In our market assessments and due diligence BDG covers Investment environment in Vietnam, Labour Work, Infrastructure of Vietnam, Vietnam Legal Framework, Vietnam Tax, Vietnam Logistics, Vietnam Procurement and Supply Chain and identifying potential location options.

Delivering strategic options for
the investment 

Acquisition of an existing factory or build from the scratch with a greenfield investment in Vietnam makes a huge difference in timing. BDG checked both options and presented strategic recommendations to the top-management.


Projectmanagement means, take
personal care of everything –

because everything matters for the success of the project


"With our investment in Vietnam, we kept our international competitiveness. BDG VIETNAM made a decisive contribution to develop our project promptly and efficiently - thus we were able to safe time and money in all development stages. Therefore, the cooperation with BDG VIETNAM became a very profitable investment for us."

Gerald Grohmann – CEO, Schöller Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment AG

We were successful in Vietnam, as we were focused to take the right decisions at the right time – Additionally we had the right people in place to implement these decisions

Campbell Macpherson, Country Manager SBOE Vietnam