Vietnam's Mobile Game Market Set For A Boom

Mobile games of Vietnam excel internationally.

The Vietnamese mobile game industry has only just begun expanding into foreign markets, yet its revenue for 2014 has exceeded USD 233 million. Indeed App Annie, a database of app analytics and market data, lists Vietnamese mobile game publishers VNG, Gamota and VTC among the top 10 mobile game publishers in Southeast Asia in terms of revenue. Newzoo, a global market research firm focusing on games, also listed Vietnam as one of the top 25 nations in terms of game revenue in 2014.

Vietnamese games have been warmly welcomed in the international market. Dead Target, a VNG production, has been played by 13 million in 233 countries since its release in the third quarter of 2014. Captain Strike, a game by JOY Entertainment released in September 2014, reached 1 million downloads within a month and had registered 1 million users from 40 countries just 3 months after its launch.

Vietnamese game publishers are market-savvy and keep a close eye on consumer trends. JOY Entertainment cites comprehensive market research, product maximization, localization and a detailed marketing plan as crucial factors to their success.

However, the Vietnamese business model so far has most users play for free, leaving a paltry 10 percent who pay. Game developer Appota is devising a possible solution- incorporating advertising into games to generate profits.

BDG Insight: The digital media market is quickly reshaping the digital landscape of Asia. As such, a myriad of advertising, research and marketing opportunities are available for those understanding the Asian bond with their smartphones. Combined with the boom in mobile-ecommerce, the online gaming sector is rife with opportunity.

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