Sales in Vietnam - how to prepare for a sustainable market entry

In December 2016, BDG Vietnam, in close cooperation with IHK Pfalz, organized a Webinar called “Sales in Vietnam - how to prepare for a sustainable market entry”.

It is already a well-known fact that Vietnam’s emerging market is filled with opportunities. However, it is not always an easy venture to reap the benefits and create sustainable business results in this Southeast Asian country. As a first step into your market entry into Vietnam, we are happy to share the webinar PPT presentation (in PDF), where you can find out:

  • About Vietnam’s economy (Did you know? Vietnam is more competitive than 6 EU countries!);
  • Key tips and options for a sustainable market entry (Hint: research is one of the key ingredients);
  • What forms of distribution and main distribution channels are available? (Hint: local partners)
  • How do you initiate and maintain business contacts? (Strict hierarchy is very common in Vietnam);
  • What are the fundamental opportunities and challenges foreign companies face in Vietnam? (Significant differences between the regions in the country);

Finally, we invite the German speakers to listen to the original recording of the webinar, with many details of the presentation explained.


BDG Vietnam team // IHK Pfalz

If you like our presentation, and would like to easily share it with your network, you can forward the file uploaded on the Slideshare website.


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