E-commerce in Vietnam is rapidly growing

The number of e-commerce websites registered in Vietnam doubled its number from 5,000 in 2014 to more than 10,000 today

According to the E-commerce and Information Technology Agency (EITA), the combined sales of the Vietnamese e-commerce sector is today around 4.07 billion USD. This sales amount is forecasted to increase to 10 billion USD within the next five years. The report of the EITA covered all companies that allowed to buy their goods online.

Lazada, a subsidiary of Germany’s Rocket Internet, and discount website Hotdeal are two leading companies in terms of income volume. Vietnam Airlines and The Gioi Di Dong (Mobileworld) also had exceptional online results.

Around 62% of Internet users (around 45% of Vietnam’s population of more than 90 million) bought goods and services online in 2015, compared to 58% in 2014. On average, each shopper spent 160 USD, an increase of 15 USD compared to 2014.

The most popular goods bought online were clothes, footwear and cosmetics, followed by electronics.

Despite the fast growth of online shopping, the most used payment method is cash, followed by bank transfers and finally through credit cards.

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