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BDG VIETNAM has been supporting the market entry of leading medium sized enterprises and corporations for over 10 years. Our team draws on a broad range of knowledge covering various sectors and hold an extensive contact network in Vietnam.

The driving force behind our actions is the "Passion for Vietnam"
 Our passion drives our team to gain critical know-how, take bold decisions and take personal charge, to empower our clients' success in Vietnam.

Sourcing & Suppliers

Vietnam’s unique offer of low labor costs, high quality and on-time delivery makes it a great alternative to China and the TOP China+1 Export country.

Production & Investment

Vietnam convinces with a number of competitive advantages in the center of ASEAN. Which ones are relevant for your business?

Distribution & Partners

You are looking for agents or partners in Vietnam? We analyze the market, find employees and bring your products to the market.

A successful market entry demands more than just research and analysis. The perfect combination of local expertise and a strong network of experts and decision makers in Vietnam are crucial for your business success. What makes the difference is our team. We like to create bold results for our clients in Vietnam. Our talented and passionate people work hard, to deliver the best results - results, that go beyond financial targets and provide tailored, pragmatic and enduring success for our clients in Vietnam. That is why, our clients - no matter if small family owned company or big corporates - trust our consulting team in Vietnam. 



You are looking for more than just bright minds? You want passionate people who continuously strive for the very best, who think and act in an entrepreneurial manner just like you, who will never be satisfied with status quo, who ask the uncomfortable questions?

BDG develops powerful solutions that will boost your business permanently.