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BDG has been supporting SMEs and MNCs in market entry strategies for over 10 years. With our experience and local networks we advise over 100 companies in Sourcing, Sales and Production Set-up. >>

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BDG PUBLICATIONS - Business in Vietnam

Medical Device Industry: Facts, Figures and Opportunities


Vietnam’s healthcare system, market and import regulations for medical devices. Advice to foreign suppliers how to enter the market.


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Vietnam: sales, distribution and consumer behavior


With Vietnam's strong GDP growth of the past decade, and hence increasing prosperity, opportunities for sales are rising.


Retail market in Vietnam

Consumer behavior in Vietnam

Consumer optimism

Series: What to expect when in Vietnam?


A series of publications on key economic locations in Vietnam.


Article 1: Ho Chi Minh City

Article 2: Hanoi

Sales in Vietnam - how to prepare for a market entry


In December 2016, BDG Vietnam, in close cooperation with IHK Pfalz, organized a Webinar called “Sales in Vietnam - how to prepare for a sustainable market entry”.


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